“I am 51 years old and have been attending Pilates Reformer classes led by Jo Castrucci for the last 18 months.  Prior to that, I had been training with a personal trainer for about 2 years.  Once I added Pilates to my workout regime, I noticed that my training progress improved immensely.   Due to my Pilates training, I have improved my form for all my weight training routines, as I am very cognizant of proper posture, breathing and tightening of my core, so that the weight training has been much more effective.  My personal trainer has mentioned many times that the Pilates has helped my weight training sessions in many ways.

I had been working on improving my posture with my weight training program, but Pilates with Jo helped me to focus on alignment, the importance of my core in supporting good posture and tips to keep in mind when I am doing my daily routine.  She has also provided instruction on exercises I can do either at home or even while standing in line or driving my car.  My posture has significantly improved and I have the knowledge to keep it that way.

I also noticed that the combination of weight training and Pilates has greatly benefited my muscle definition especially in my arms, shoulders and abs.  Pilates has also given me confidence in how to carry myself properly, which had been missing since my teens.  I am try to do two Pilates sessions a week when time permits as it has significantly enhanced my flexibility and I find I feel more supple (a word I never associated with myself!) and relaxed.

Jo is amazing at helping me deal with minor injuries and notices if I am favouring an injury and how to work on strengthening the surrounding parts so that as I repair, I am not causing other imbalances.

Jo is a delightful, warm person who fosters a calm, relaxing environment for our classes.  She is able to deal with all sorts of personalities in a professional but gentle manner.  Even with a class of more rowdy ladies, Jo maintains control of the class but has fun with us as well.   She has become a very special part of my own wellness campaign.

Jo is terrific with young people as well.  My daughter got “hooked” on Jo’s Pilates classes prior to going to university.  Now that she is home for the summer, she has signed up again.

I am obviously a big fan of Jo and Pilates.  Both have made me feel better physically and mentally than I have for years.  I know so much more about my body than I did before I met Jo, because of her vast knowledge, her warm sensitivity and her willingness to share her love of Pilates.  I am eternally grateful and will be practicing Pilates for my next 50 years!”