Jon Herberman

“My spouse had practiced pilates for several years and I somehow had it in my mind that it was more for women than for men.  Notwithstanding this, when Jo organized her first trip to Italy for a week of pilates and cooking in a lovely renovated farm house high in the Piemonte foothills of the Alps, I was happy to tag along.  I thought I would try her pilates classes and if they weren’t for me, there was always hiking, cycling and eating in Italy.  Somewhat to my surprise, the classes were as challenging as I wanted and completely flexible and adaptable to my ability.  Jo was also a fantastic instructor, knowledgeable, humorous, focused on each individual and responsive to each person’s needs and abilities.
This is still a bit of a mystery to me but after two years of unsuccessfully dealing with doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and acupuncture to alleviate some lower back pain, after one week of pilates with Jo, I was no longer in pain.  It was kind of incredible.
Jo is a wonderful pilates instructor and a lovely human being.  She has my full confidence and support and I am pleased to recommend her to anyone who might be considering pilates.”