Odes To Jo

“I am 51 years old and have been attending Pilates Reformer classes led by Jo Castrucci for the last 18 months.  Prior to that, I had been training with a personal trainer for about 2 years.  Once I added Pilates to my workout regime, I noticed that my training progress improved immensely.   Due to my Pilates training, I have improved my form for all my weight training routines, as I ...

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“Jo, thanks for getting all the kinks out and fixing that posture!”
“Jo, thanks for standing us straight! It has been an amazing experience!”
“To the Best Teacher, Jo, thanks for all the motivation!”
“Jo you have brighten my life!”

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“Jo you are a treasure!
“Jo, I miss you and your class. I can not thank you enough for you contribution to my being fit.”
Dunfield Member
“Jo, you are terrific! The best Pilates Teacher ever!!! You are a star!”
“Jo, thanks for ensuring that our tripods are on and that our bony landmarks have been located.”
“Jo, thank you for a great year of Pilates. We now stand taller, look leaner and have stronger power houses. For this we thank you, our husbands do too!”
“Jo, thanks so much for all your help with Daniel’s shoulder problem. The exercises are helping and he is feeling better.”
“Jo the students thought you were great! Robert also mentioned how well you worked with the students. You are such a pro! I am so happy you were able to help us out.”
ECHumber College
“Jo, you and your classes are amazing! It has been a great pleasure participating in the group.”
“Thanks for being so genuinely interested in our well being. I appreciate your knowledge and intuitive spirit each week.”
“We appreciate Jo for all her hard work in training Pilates Reformers, particularly @ the Dunfeild, which is a very successful program. Jo’s knowledge and expertise makes her a valued asset to our team.”
JWDunfeild Club, Toronto
“Jo is an excellent instructor, she teaches from an anatomical point of view and is extremely knowledgeable and perceptive.”
Dunfield Member
“My spouse had practiced pilates for several years and I somehow had it in my mind that it was more for women than for men.  Notwithstanding this, when Jo organized her first trip to Italy for a week of pilates and cooking in a lovely renovated farm house high in the Piemonte foothills of the Alps, I was happy to tag along.  I thought I would try her pilates classes ...

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Jon Herberman
“Jo Castrucci has changed the way I breathe, the way I walk, the way I type, the way I hold my body. I had no idea that I was causing myself so much pain until it stopped!  I am not only pain-free, but happier, more relaxed, more flexible. And I sleep better!"
Sarah Cooper


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