About Jo

Jo is a dedicated movement coach
with a passion for Pilates


Certified Pilates Mat – Equipment Instructor

“Pilates Downtown” – Body Matrix Inc.,

1996, Vivian Nickels, Toronto

Polestar Education; Allegro Level 1- 6

2000-2003, Elizabeth Larkham, Toronto

Pilates Resist-A-Ball; Pilates with Props: Level I & II

2004, Can-Fit-Pro, Toronto

Reiki l;

March 2006, Anita Levin, Toronto

Reiki Il; 

October 2006, Barb Keshen, Toronto

Pilates with Props; Level l & ll

2012, Stott Pilates, Toronto

Gravity Foundations

2012, Toronto

“Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness”

  –  Joseph H. Pilates

Jo Castrucci has been involved with Pilates for 24 years. She first came to the work seeking relief from a repetitive strain injury. Jo not only found relief from her pain but also a skill that she could incorporate into all aspects of her life from figure skating to walking the dog in the park. Pilates and Reiki also allow Jo to gracefully approach the interests of her life; teaching, gardening, painting, and photography.

Jo became involved with the administration of one of the first studios in Toronto, ‘Pilates Downtown’. Along with her mentor, Vivian Nickels, she developed a Teachers Training Course that is recognized by studios in the United States, England and Canada. Jo took the first course and became a certified teacher on Pilates mat & equipment in 1996. Jo also hosted many workshops featuring internationally recognized Master Teachers at Pilates Downtown, Toronto. The studio closed in 1999.

Jo continues to teach breath in motion.  Some of her clients have included Synchro Canada; the Canadian Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team, the Rosedale Wellness Centre, and The Studio.  She has been with the Sports Clubs of Canada (now Extreme Fitness & GoodLife) since 2000, teaching Pilates mat & Allegro group classes.  She also works privately in her own studio, WildPower Central, with a Pilates Reformer & props and has recently expanded to include small group Pilates machine classes at WildPower West.  Jo upgrades her own training regularly with a special interest in rehabilitation.

Jo’s interest in wellness allows her to explore other avenues of healing. For many years, she has regularly used essential oils for the relief of physical and emotional pain. Her research has led her to become a member of Young Living Essential Oils, producers of the highest-grade oils on the planet.

In 2006, Jo became a Reiki Practitioner. She is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association. By accessing the universal life force energy, Jo can channel the ki through her hands to uniquely benefit her clients.


Intro to Craniosacral Therapy

Robert Harris, April 2015, Toronto 

CPR; AHA; July 2013, Toronto

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Julia Fiorelli, February 2013, Waterloo

Body Logic: Myofascial Meridians

Marie Jose Blom, May 2012, Toronto

CPR; Can-Fit-Pro; May 2012, Toronto

Advanced Standing Pilates

PMI; Stephen Filipowicz; Dec 2011, Waterloo

Pilates & Movement

PMI; Marta Hernandez; June 2011, Toronto

 CPR; Can-Fit-Pro; April 2011, Toronto

Pilates; Unwinding the Spiral

Madeleine Black; May 2010, Toronto

Pilates; Turn with Ease

Elizabeth Larkham; May 2010, Toronto

CPR; Heartsaver AED; June 2009, Toronto

Feldenkrais; The Power of the Pelvis

Gita Swartz, October 2008, Toronto

CPR; Lifesaver 101; July 2008, Toronto

Therapeutic Pilates: Cervical-Scapular

Laura Helsel, May 2008

Therapeutic Pilates: Lower Quadrant

Laura Helsel, March 2007

CPR/First Aid; Lifesaver 101

January 2007, Toronto

Reiki II; Barb Keshen, October 2006

Pilates; Core Intelligence

Marie Jose Blom, June 2006, Toronto

Pilates; Mat for Movers

Lolita San Miguel, June 2006, Toronto

Pilates; Moving beyond the Reformer 

Elizabeth Larkam, June 2006, Toronto

Reiki I; Anita Levin, March 2006

CPR; Lifesaver 101, Nov 2005, Toronto

Pilates; Spinal Post-rehabilitation

Anne McMillian, May 2005, Toronto

Pilates; Posture Play

Marie Jose Blom, May 2005, Toronto

CPR; Heart Saver Plus, Nov 2004, Toronto

Pilates; Fletcher Towel Work

Ron Fletcher, September 2004, Toronto

Feldenkrais Method

Aryln Zones, June 2004, Toronto


Robert Steigele, February 2004, Toronto

CPR/First Aid; Lifesaver 101, Nov 2003, Toronto

Pilates; Allegro Training, Level 6
Suzanne Diffine, July 2003, Toronto

Pilates; Allegro Training, Level 5

Elaine Craig, January 2003, Toronto

Pilates on the Reformer; Footwork

Dianne Miller, January 2002

Pilates; Fletcher Towel Work

Ron Fletcher, September 2001, Toronto

Pilates; Allegro Training, Level 4

Elaine Craig, March 2001, Toronto

Pilates; Common Misalignments

Karen Carlson, April 2000, Toronto

Pilates; Allegro Training, Levels 1-3

Elizabeth Larkham, July 2000, Toronto

Continuum; Breath in Motion

Emilie Conrad-Da’oud, Nov 1999, Toronto

Continuum; Breath in Motion

Emilie Conrad-Da’oud, Oct 1998, New York

Pilates; Wunda Chair

Michele Larson, June 1998, Toronto

Pilates; Rehabilitation

Marie Jose Blom, March 1998, Toronto

Lower Quadrant; Physiotherapist View

Ethel Wilson, February 1998, Toronto

Pilates; Special Problems

Michele Larson, January 1998, Santa Fe

Pilates; Shoulder Girdle

Diane Miller, September 1997, Toronto

Pilates; Disc & Dance Rehab

Jean Claude West, February 1997, Toronto

Upper Body; Physiotherapist View

Marika Molnar, National Ballet NY,

October 1995, Toronto

Pilates; Cadillac

Karen Carlson, November 1995, Toronto

Pilates; The Core

Allan Herdman, Dec 1995, Toronto; England